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SEX #34

SEX #34 published on

stl027583-600x923In a move that I’m not sure many people saw coming Joe Casey’s SEX came to an end this month. Maybe I’m being a little over dramatic with that statement, whilst the title has come to an end as a title published on a monthly basis, which isn’t bad going when you consider that at times Marvel and DC have struggled, the indie title published by Image is going to make the move to Trade/Collected editions only at some point in 2017. In February we will see the publication of the titles fifth volume ‘Reflexology’ and then we’ve just got to wait for volume six to appear.

I think my biggest concern with SEX going down the completely trade/collected edition route is that it could eventually just fade away, I understand Casey’s concern that “Monthly comic books are a grind. No doubt about it. Creator-owned comic books in particular — when you make them like we do — can be a certain kind of grind that takes its toll over time.” But I’d worry that without that monthly deadline to hit the trade/collected editions will get further and further apart. The title has been in circulation for the past three years and is far from over, in a strange sense the title has covered a lot and very little in its 34 issues with so much more potential than its for want of a better term ‘shock title’ would lead you to believe.

I’ll miss the erratic nature of its publication, start of the month end of the month occasionally two issues in a month. But boy is buying the collected editions really going to screw up my book shelf.

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